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Letterpress Services

Letterpress printing was the standard of the printing industry through the 18th and 19th centuries.  Today, letterpress printing has found new interest and life with the combination of old and new technologies.  The letterpress is used for printing and debossing the text and graphics at customer request.

Debossing is the term used to describe the impression of the type and art on soft papers.  Debossing sinks the paper down slightly as embossing raises it.  While some letterpress purists frown upon using the extra impression required to achieve this, print customers have demanded this effect for their print projects for the tactile feel of the type “debossing” the paper.

Computer graphics software is used to create your art file or you create your own graphic file using current graphic art software. We then convert it to a letterpress plate(s). Halftones (pictures) should be relegated to offset or laser printing. All files submitted should be high resolution EPS, PDF files.

Call us for those special print jobs and projects. Use our design or create your own.

We can send you a sample print on request.

Listed here is a few of the uses for Letterpress printing:

Announcements:  Wedding – Event – Graduation – Shows – etc.
Business Cards
Tickets: Events, etc.
Promotional Direct Mail
Invitations – Showers – Birthdays
Coupon Cards